Straße der Nationen


cruising boat on the Canal, animated terrace on the Kiel Canal, flag Brazil, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Panama, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Britain's, the Soviet Union, Poland, Finland, US, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, as well as the pilot flag and the Customs flag, map animation of the Northern Baltic region, surging sea, ship in heavy seas, map of North-Western Europe with areas of coal, coal excavator loading freight cars and map of Northern Europe with ore deposits and timber industry sites , Cranes loaded wood and ores, ship in the Harbor, map Northern Germany and Denmark, flat landscape, ship "Olympic challenger" on a channel, map Northern Germany and Denmark, animation of the Kiel Canal in the map, Holsten Gate in Lübeck, harbour views, black. Entry into the Canal at Brunsbüttel, ships on the Canal, pan across the Geest, grazing sheep on the channel, floodgates and the mouth of the Canal into the Baltic Sea near Kiel, old drawings of the Eider Canal in Kiel-Holtenau, photographs of the canal construction, photo of the solemn opening of the Canal with Wilhelm II., opening the valve and passage of ships, construction work on the Canal, double locks of the Canal, "Olympic Challenger" docked in the port of lying , Ships in the lock, including the "Gisela Oldendorff", wooden freighter ships from different backgrounds and with agricultural machinery and coal load, ship registration services in Brunsbüttel, men on telephone and telegraph, piloting in the Crow's nest, Panel with arrival times of vessels, pilot leaves the pilot State and climb the pilot moving boat, pilots moving boat on the sea, pilot climbs the incoming ship, Captain controls the boat, lower arms of the entry signal , Lock signal with ball on and signal arm, ship drives into the sheath in Brunsbüttelkoog a, Anlegemanöver, welcome to rationing of the landscaped vessel with water, food and items of for daily use, ship captain and port captain lock filled with ships, Home Department, channel controller and nautical Inspector determine ship encounters on the channel, Zentralsteuerhaus, Japanese ship "Arima Maru" in the lock, Japanese sailors on board, port workers, sign "Stop", lock keepers character "gate gives up", engineer in the machine House opens the floodgate , Ship Horn, rotating propeller, Japanese sailors waving, ship leaves sheath, Operations Department, on the map the way of the vessel is registered, on a crossover in the channel the stop signal is set, attendant on an intercom system in the background ships on the Canal, loudspeaker system, bow waves of ships on the shore fortifications, repair work on the embankment of the Canal, stones on rail transport workers, stones are split and edited and placed in the embankment, bow wave of a vessel meets fortified embankment, young people paint in a sitting position, dredger pump silt from the fairway, mud is pumped with pipes on land, farmers loaded Hay, ferries on the channel with hay, people and cars, Lervensauer bridge, Green Valley high bridge, bridges on the Kiel Canal, ships sail under bridges, repair work on the Rendsburg high bridge , Train traffic on the bridge, swing bridge at Rendsburg in operation, waiting cars, cyclists pass the opening bridge, car traffic on the swing bridge, ships repair overlooking the city of Rendsburg, ship "Field of honour" on the dry, diving teams of channel management, port physician of Kiel-Holtenau reverses and boards a ship, sailor woman home, men and women meet on board, ski ffe on the Canal in the sunset, Laboe naval Memorial , black.


Ostsee ; Nordseeküste ; Verkehr ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH



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Straße der Nationen

Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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