Die amerikanische Reise 01.08.1958


The State visit of German President Theodor Heuss in Canada and the United States of America in May and June 1958 interior shots of the aircraft during the flight to Québec, Heuss in the cockpit, Foreign Minister Heinrich Brentano in conversation, landing at the airport of Québec, reception with music band, striding down the company, views of Québec of city with fortress, cannons, guards at the fortress, Federal press Chief Felix von Eckardt on a gun , Walk in the grounds.
Theodor Heuss himself enters in the City Hall of Québec in the Golden Book of the city, talk with the former Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent.
Flight of the delegation to Montréal, visit a section of the St. Lawrence route, Theodor Heuss at Niagara Falls, impressions of the waterfalls, tourists photographing the tourist attraction, receiving Heuss' at the German Canadians in Toronto, Heuss receives a beaver fur hat to commemorate the visit. Reception of Theodor Heuss station Ottawa by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Governor General Vincent Massey, wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial of the fallen, a military formation is followed, visit to the Canadian Parliament, shaking hands at the foot of the Parliament, talks in the Parliament building, overlooking the Parliament building, exit the car convoy.
Arrival with the "Columbine 3" of the President in Washington, D.C., greeting at the airport, gun salutes, ride in the car through the city on July 4, cheering people on the roadside, military parade, impressions of the city of Washington, visit to Mount Vernon on the tomb of George Washington, the guests arrive on the occasion of a dinner at the White House, press photographers and the American President Eisenhower and Theodor Heuss in white jackets , Reception of the German Ambassador in the hotel "Mayflower" speech before the US Congress by Theodor Heuss,. Visit the U.S. National Cemetery in Arlington, soldiers with guns and flags are trellis, Heuss walks off the trellis, a minute of silence, placing a wreath before a Memorial delegation visit to the National Gallery of Arts, Heuss viewed the pictures of the exhibition and talks with the delegation participants, reception at Blair House with German representatives of the press, Theodor Heuss climbs a car in eveningwear, dinner in honor of the President , Wernher von Braun and family, social conversations between Eisenhower and Heuss.
Parade in Philadelphia, onlookers at the roadside, ceremony to independence Hall in honor of Karl-Schurz Memorial Foundation and handing-over of the Karl-Schurz plaque at Theodor Heuss, applause in the audience, Heuss shakes hands two young girls, the audience applauds and rises. Visit at Dartmouth College, academic procession with student Chapel, awarding the honorary degree of Doctor juris in Theodor Heuss, gets laid on a gown Theodor Heuss, speech by University President, applauding guests.
Arrival of the sedan in Detroit at the Chrysler Corporation, Hall with motors, Heuss is driven by the factory and just looking at the workbenches, talks with the workers, workers on assembly lines, Heuss is a solution and a model car presented, impressions from General Motors, Heuss and the delegation run by the planning Office of General Motors, artist character tables, an employee carves a model , Cars of the manufacturer, a convertible roof closing presentation, handshakes between Theodor Heuss and Henry Ford II. views of the city of Chicago, Fifth Army band plays in the streets of Chicago, applauding audience at the edge of the road. Panorama of the city of San Francisco, reception at the Town Hall of the city of San Francisco, music band, Heuss receives a mallet and giving a speech before the audience in the Hall, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, walk through the Muir Woods National Monument, Alumniessen at the University of Berkeley, invasion of the graduates in the stadium of the University, awarded the honorary degree of doctor of law on Theodor Heuss , Impressions from little China, beach motifs.
Theodor Heuss in Carmel sitting and drawing, sedan is in front of the mission church.
Heuss and accompaniment on a horse in Arizona, dinner on a farm, music group playing traditional music, cowboys on horseback with a Lasso, Heuss catch young cattle with cigar in the audience, Rodeo rider, Theodor Heuss of the Grand Canyon, Native American traditional dance list, rotating Flugzeugroteren. Heuss visited Williamsburg on the East Coast, Heuss shakes hands, restored houses, a windmill and a covered wagon, Heuss in a horse-drawn carriage of the colonial police, cruising aircraft receives a plaque Heuss. Arrival at the airport of La Guardia in New York, ticker-tape parade in the streets of New York, spectators with umbrellas, Heuss in an open car with cigar, reception at the Town Hall of the city, religious ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria, in conversation with Herbert Hoover and the Philippine President Garcia, the building of the United Nations, Heuss visited the UN building, Theodor Heuss look at paintings at Goethe Haus, Panorama of the city of New York , Child of a pair of binoculars, the ship of Berlin in the port of New York, the captain greeted onlookers waving President, waving from the departing ship with cigar in hand, passing Heuss reading on the upper deck, the arrival of the ship in Bremerhaven, statue of liberty, New York cityscapes, drifting ship, cheering people on the quay, reception lying in Bremerhaven by Willy Brandt, President of the Federal Council the Berlin in the port.

Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Heuss, Theodor ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Eckardt, Felix von ; Braun, Wernher, von ; Saint-Laurent, Louis Stephen ; Massey, Vincent ; Diefenbaker, John George


Nordamerika ; Foreign policy ; State visit ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH

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Die amerikanische Reise

Bundespräsident Theodor Heuss in den USA (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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