Emelka-Woche Nr. 37, 1929 1929

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1 subtitles: The Rhineland is granted - outcome of the Hague Conference (Hague Conference on August 6, 1929, with Dr. Stresemann) image: the participants in the Conference to a large table 2. intertitles: the Centre meets - Katholikentag in Freiburg image: cityscape with DOM, Procession through the streets with high clergy, including Nuncio Pacelli, fraternities, before an altar in the free 3rd intertitles: light menswear in U.S. image: men in suits in soft linen fabric in the streets of New York 4 subheads: Excellence in the College of physical education image: Stadium Berlin, parade of athletes, gymnastics, horse jumping, sometimes in slow motion, medicine ball, etc.

5. subheads: Vishun Festival in Puri, India image: mass procession 6 subheads: Zeppelin world tour stops! The first pictures of the crossing of the Pacific (promoted with "Graf Zeppelin") image: "Graf Zeppelin" is on the flight between Tokyo and San Francisco over San Francisco, landing in Los Angeles, flight to Lakehurst, landing and entrance hall, Dr. Eckener President Hoover welcomes, back in the home, landing in Friedrichshafen and entry into the great Hall, which provides crew to the camera and is enthusiastically welcomed, including Captain Lehmann.

End - title.

Persons in the Film

Stresemann, Gustav


Rheinland ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Emelka-Woche Nr. 37, 1929

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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