Der Versailler Friedensvertrag 1922

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Subtitles: Wilson said: "Our program is that of world peace".
Subtitles: In reliance upon these words, Germany laid down the weapons. Then came the penalty verdict peace treaty article 231. text in the image: Allied governments explain: and Germany acknowledges that it is responsible for all damages, which the Allied governments and their nationals as a result of the attack in Germany them have undergone imposed war.
Subtitles: The enforcement of the judgment brought Germany in five years on the edge of an abyss.
Subtitles: First Division: the political rape of the German Empire by the Treaty of peace.
Subtitles: Wilson's point XIV calls by the League of Nations: ensuring political independence and the territorial integrity "of the small as the great States". The peace treaty has created this League of Nations...
Subtitles: I. part.
Subtitles: The fragmentation of the German Empire. Germany area losses on the basis of the peace agreement.
Image: cartoon representation of area loss for Germany.
Image: cartoon representation of population loss for Germany.
Subtitles: "the West".
Image: Map of Alsace-Lorraine and Saar region with population figures as a cartoon representation.
Subtitles: 'the East'.
Subtitles: The vote in the East and West Prussia.
Image: cartoon representation of the distribution of votes.
Subtitles: German country under foreign domination.
Subtitles: Gdańsk excerpt of the last German troops.
Image: 15s to horse.
Subtitles: The German Vistula depression.
Subtitles: Westpreußischer culture soil of German Knights of order of in the 13th and 14th century from barren marshland won.
Image: Cows are driven by a farmer forward.
Subtitles: The part fallen on Poland Upper Silesia.
Image: cartoon representation of distribution.
Subtitles: The distribution showed 707500 German votes to remain in Germany. 478000 Polish votes against it.
Subtitles: industries of the lost works of "King hut" and "Bismarckhütte".
Image: View of industrial plants. Animated display comparing colonial England, France, Germany.
Subtitles: The victorious countries stated: the failure of in Germany in the field of colonial civilization too much light entered that the Federation forces could take over responsibility for 13-14 million native of new this fate is to leave.
: Image animated film "Plantation land under culture". Expanding railway network under German management. Bill Germany should pay...
Subtitles: Unity and law and freedom subheads: "means the army the same as for England his fleet, the only protection against enemy invasion". Wherefore, the Entente demanded the destruction of our armed forces!
Subtitles: Comparison of the strengths of the army in 1914 and 1921.
Image: animated film, France, Germany, Russia, Poland.
Subtitles: The delivery of the German battle fleet, aircraft and airships.
Subtitles: German Navy once and now.
Image: Photography of a warship, cartoon representation comparison Navy facilities in Germany and England.
Subtitles: Destroyed and delivered war ships and submarines.
Image: Views of destroyed ships in a port.
Subtitles: Scapa Flow, the graveyard of the German fleet.
Image: Photographs of destroyed and half sunken ships.
Subtitles: Kiel - to the 40,000. Empire floating dock VII. will be towed away by the English.
Image: Empire floating dock.
Subtitles: The last great Zeppelin - airship before the delivery to Rome.
Image: Recordings of the airship.
Subtitles: The German fighter aircraft before their transport to England.
Image: warplanes at the start.
Subtitles: "economic considerations were not present for the spirit that reigned in Paris. The future of Europe did not interest it there, to a living, you didn't worry".
Subtitles: III. part. The losses of the German economy.
Subtitles: The destruction of their power sources.
Image: animated film presentation "What lost our agriculture".
Subtitles: The loss of fertilizers as a result of the cession of Alsace-Lorraine.
: Image Trickflim.
Subtitles: What our industry lost.
Subtitles: The decline of the modern.
Image: cartoon representation of the decline of the coal mining.
Subtitles: The destructive effects of the Versailles peace treaty in the iron industry: the Entreißung of the German iron ore bearing.
Image: cartoon representation to do so.
Subtitles: The iron industry was the largest industry of in Germany.
Subtitles: The development of the "Geneva Upper Silesia decision" to supply Germany with zinc.
: Image animated film.
Subtitles: The loss of the Upper Silesian lead ores.
: Image animated film.
Subtitles: The losses of the German traffic companies.
Image: merchant ship is pulled into port.
Subtitles: The delivery of the German merchant fleet.
: Image animated film.
Subtitles: French Rhine flotilla - the former German Rhine steamer "Lorelei", "Parzival" and "Rheinstein".
Image: Boats in a harbour, sailors on board.
Intertitles: A former German Rhine steamer - now armed police boat under the Belgian flag.
Image: Clean boot. Sailors on board.
Subtitles: shipping in German ports.
Image: ship traffic as a cartoon representation.
Subtitles: The delivery of railway rolling stock.
: Image animated film.
"Intertitle: it is only the first, although most poisonous of the fruits of victory: the spirit, which is responsible for the nature of the conditions that produced more fruits, which are likewise lazy".
The financial losses that are imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. The expenditure resulting from the occupation of Germany.
: Image trick occupation of Germany.
Subtitles: The deadlines have after declarations of France, as Germany demonstrating bad faith yet to run started.
Subtitles: The French set up domestically.
Subtitles: The Festival Hall - now "Foyer you soldier".
Picture: exterior view of the Festhalle.
Subtitles: French Chamber of Commerce.
Picture: exterior view of the Chamber of Commerce.
Subtitles: They came with kith and kin. French boys school.
Picture: exterior view of the boy's school. Students from the school.
Image: Presentation of the annual remuneration of individual members of the Ententekomission, in contrast to German politicians and British soldiers.
Subtitles: Consequences of the economic sanctions.
: Image animated film shift of the customs border of Germany.
Subtitles: The destruction of the German customs system through internationalization of German flows.
Image: cartoon representation of International Maritime Commission.
Subtitles: The German economy weakened and rent by area enclosures must annually muster despite their losses, taxes.
Image: Numbers as a cartoon representation.
Subtitles: half of all tax had to be established in the estimate by 1 January 1922 already for the peace agreement.
Image. Representation of the distribution of taxes.
Subtitles: These enormous sums of a destroyed economy total result only 16 billion gold marks until end of July 1922.
Subtitles: Such as Germany had to bleed to"make amends"!
Image: Man is sitting at the table and counts Goldmark pieces to pack them in 1000 gold marks rolls.
Image: Many gold mark roles come together and give 2.000000 Goldmark.
Subtitles: Germany's annual financial commitment.
Image: cartoon representation of German reparations payments.
Subtitles: The destruction work: subtitles: the destruction of the port and fortifications in Helgoland.
Image: destroyed plant.
Subheads: The Harbour entrance is made impassable by sinking of concrete blocks.
Image: Sinking of concrete blocks.
Subtitles: The destruction of the German fortifications in Kiel and other defense equipment.
Image: Demolition of the plant.
Subtitles: The destruction of the airship sheds.
Image: airship hangar was destroyed.
Subtitles: The only recently completed the world largest airliner had to be destroyed.
Image: Dismantling of the aircraft.
Subtitles: The scheduled destruction of army and army material.
Image: Images of destruction.
Subtitles: aircraft bomb, works of art of the precision mechanics may not the industry led to, but must be destroyed.
Image: Workers in the destruction of the motor.
Subtitles: The aircraft churchyard in Johannisthal.
Image: Plethora of aircraft parts. List of destroyed war devices.
Subtitles: The rest of the German artillery material had to be cut up and scrapped.
Image: Views of destroyed war equipment.
Subtitles: The war historian Corbett says of England in 1920: "The machinery of our means of power has achieved a degree of completeness, which finds no parallel in our history".


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie



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Der Versailler Friedensvertrag

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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