Zum Ableben des Reichspräsidenten Friedrich Ebert 1925

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1 plot without prior title: image: Munich in 1919, takeover of Bavaria. Army in the Reichswehr by President Ebert and Defense Minister Noske.
Ebert in the barracks yard with Group of officers and civilians, including Naidu who bachvantiep. Minister Hoffmann, Saino Horst, and General Ritter von EPP.
Ebert giving a toast and brings out a high. Noske speaks, after General von EPP.

1 subheads: "on Saturday February 28, 1925 leaflets reported..."
Image: Auto distributed leaflets. Passers-by to a flyer with the news of the demise of EA.
Berlin, West-sanatorium, where Ebert died, Chancellor Luther reverses, he moves according to the title at the death camp.
Luther's departure.
The Pres.. Palais flag to half-mast. Waiting lot before that. Funeral procession through the streets of Berlin.
Pariser Platz, police pushing back lot. Funeral procession towards the Brandenburg Gate. Lancers of the Reichswehr beforehand.
A band of Reichswehr, a company, a company of Marines.
The coffin cart 6 horses pulled, the imperial authorities and civil officers, closed Kutchen under the Brandenburg Gate, cars with rims, front of the Reichstag.
The coffin is shutting down the ramp, funeral procession at the Reichstag building, funeral procession on Leipziger Platz.
Laying out of the coffin before the Potsdamer Bahnhof with pylons and flame shells.
In accordance with title transfer to Heidelberg. Heidelberg only a photo of the Castle overlooking the city.

Persons in the Film

Noske, Gustav ; Ebert, Friedrich


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Zum Ableben des Reichspräsidenten Friedrich Ebert

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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