Emelka-Woche 28 (seit 1929) 03.07.1929

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1 subtitles: Destroyer at work! Despite harsh winter Caterpillar plague!
Image: spring pictures of yet bare trees with very little leaves that littered by caterpillars. Ton crawler in close-up.

2. intertitles: A servant of charity. General Booth, the long-time leader of the Salvation Army, was held in London under enormous sympathy to the grave.
Image: large funeral procession through London's city centre. Car with booth's coffin ahead on the side of the vehicle moves a banner: "in action faithful. In honour clear."

3. subtitles: Ten years after the war. In Verdun, festive celebrated the completion of reconstruction and a monument erected to the fallen.
Image: different shots of the parade through the city with French flags.

4 subheads: In Berlin were rallies against the Treaty of Versailles instead of image: exterior of a Berlin building with banners on the roof: "28 June 1919-1929 decade Versailles diktat. 10 years of war guilt lie! Only unity is free! German people has finally reached agreement!"then pictures of a demonstration in Berlin mid 5th intertitles: A great title! In Galveston, Miss. Liesel gangsta from Vienna was declared for the most beautiful woman in the world.
Image: Participants of competition of beauty be carried on a small cart at the audience over 6 subheads: eat more fruits! As you can see, even turtles prefer vitamin-based raw image: feeding by turtles with bananas and salad 7 subtitles: burning sources. Tremendous values fall every month to picture the flames: huge flames, and fires at an Ölbohrstation 8 subtitles: threat of war in the East! China is gearing up for war with Russia image: marschierender recordings Chinese soldiers 9 subtitles: at the same time the Soviets deploy their army image: onslaught of Russian soldiers on foot and on horseback 10 subtitles: show America's first cog railway t, before she come to the Museum, nor even her 5 km pace image: Demonstration of the steam-powered Cog Railway on rail track 11 subtitles: Blaze! In Boston, a huge fire in a timber factory on the entire neighborhoods threatened to skip image: extinguishing a burning Boston House 12 subtitles: German swimming records. The shiny history of large swimming championship fighting in Breslau image: Cut-outs of the tournament, impressions of the audience then diving.

13 subtitles: You can also so jump if you start in a timely manner, as this young man image: little boy hops from the springboard into the water and takes in the from the basin rise 14 intertitles in a SIP from the dummy bottle: anti war loading path Ung. Demonstration against the war on 1 August Bild: demonstration and rally in Berlin 15 intertitles: in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, participants from all over the world to anti-imperialist Congress image found: audience recordings during a lecture at the Congress 16. Subtitles: "Metered taxi to the Lake" a visit with the new hamburger "Water hack" at the burned-out 'Europe' image: Lords climb into the boat. Insertion of a collective shield. The boat sails on huge ships passing through the port.

17 Intertitle: 10 years of Republic! The tenth anniversary of the birth of the Weimar Constitution was in Berlin festive committed image: temporary monument in front of the Brandenburg Gate: "All dead of world war, the victims of the Republic and the work". Demonstrations in the Tiergarten. Recordings of various celebrations and rallies, including in the Olympic Stadium 18 subtitles: fencing women. From the battles to the German Fechtmeisterschaft.
Picture: Scenes of the tournament 19 intertitles: dressed warm blood - cool. In Canada, even the ladies pay homage the national sport, which seemingly enough "heats it" excited...
Image: easily women in ice hockey has held 20 subheads: from Europe to Africa. The English stenographer after multiple attempts, Miss M. Gleitze happily swim the road to Gibraltar.
Image: Gleitze decreases the bathing cap and looking happy at the camera end [381,40]


Verdun ; Versailler Vertrag ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Emelka-Woche 28 (seit 1929)

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
03.07.1929 - 04.07.1929


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