1929 01.01.1929

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1 subtitles: Housewives in the school. The House women's Club teaching pattern school about the merits of the electric household.
Image: various electrical devices as the pressure cooker, a meat grinder, and the electric hot plate are audience demonstrated 2 subtitles: living middle ages. The official takeover of the new mayor of London, which is happening for centuries always same.
Image: Sir William Waterlow in the Lord Mayor's show - parade in a carriage on the way to the Royal courts of Justice in Westminster 3 subtitles: the modern woman in Japan. For women of Japanese society enjoys the game of billiards in General popularity.
Image: Traditionally-clad Japanese women decide who starts by rock-paper-scissors and then play 4 Intertitle Billiards: from fairy tale land. The history of the Brownie as a Berlin department store Christmas exhibition.
Image: Crowds and amazed children face a showcase with a mechanically moving figures of brownie 5 subtitles: the world largest suspension bridge. By the construction of the new Hudson bridge between New York and New Jersey.
Image: Work on the bridge 6 subheads: in memoriam... On the 11th anniversary of the Armistice, the large Memorial commemoration took place in London at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
Image: large public memorial service at the various politicians, monarch, the Prime Minister and Veterans put wreaths at the Cenotaph (Cenotaph) in Whitehall.

7 subtitles: National holiday in Austria. The young Republic commits her eleventh birthday.
Large demonstration in front of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna. In the background the University and the votive Church.

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New York / Staat; New Jersey; Westminster; Kenotaph; London; Weimarer Republik; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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01.01.1929 - 01.12.1929


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