Emelka-Woche 20er Jahre 1920

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Subtitles missing image: scenes of a motor boat race 1 subheads: bridge collapse on the main. 4 people's lives to the victims fell the misfortune in KLINGENBERG.
: Pictures of the collapsed bridge.

2. subheads: Craft has Golden floor. Pageant of various crafts in Vienna.
Image: Parade of decorated cars and disguised people 3 subtitles: firmly in the saddle. Spring exercises of the riding school in Topolčianky image: slow-motion shots of jump riding 4 Intertitle: despite all the conferences... This year's maneuvers of the American fleet image: warships in battle exercises 5 subtitles: sports on the beach. A visit to the University for Leibesübungen in Międzyzdroje image: young men and women in sports exercises on the sea 6 subheads: rowers in the rain. The large Grünauer regatta suffered something under the disgrace of the weather picture: standing audience in the rain, and snippets of the regatta 7th intertitles: again? The siblings Zietenfeld of America want to once again swim across the English channel.
Image: The siblings arrive floating in a harbor and them is out of the water helped 8 intertitles: A fresh breeze! Offshore sailing began with the North Sea week picture: impressions of the sport of sailing 9 intertitles: anywhere storm. The storm over the North Sea was the greatest ravages of image: pictures of beaches from the restless sea. A ship in the storm. Damage of a Beach House. A ship expired on the beach. A capsized sailboat off the coast.

10 subtitles: Between heaven and Earth. From the construction of the new Schmargendorfer God House image: workers climbing unsecured on the scaffolding to the top of the steeple. Working at high altitude without security.

11 subtitles: Animals have pain. From the surgical clinic of veterinary school.

12 intertitles: Polo Tournament in Frohnau. The sport of Polo has been already 800 BC. Exercised in Persians and Egyptians.
Picture: Scenes of the tournament


Grünau / Berlin ; Klingenberg ; Frohnau / Berlin ; Ärmelkanal ; Misdroy ; Schmargendorf / Berlin ; Nordsee ; Weimarer Republik ; Main ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Emelka-Woche 20er Jahre

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Federal Republic of Germany

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