Emelka-Deulig-Wochenschau-Sujets (seit 1925) 1925

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Subtitles missing image: A group of hot air balloons on a meadow and gentlemen, look at them. A hot-air balloon flying through the air, another just takes off.

Intertitle is missing!
Photo: Crowd, well-dressed, boat / ship pier on Lake. A group of men in sailor outfit comes to do so. Invasion of politicians and military at a (presumably) Sports Festival. Above all a Gustav Stresemann, next man in civil and centered a man in military uniform (presumably Reichswehr Minister Otto Geßler). The three speeches and greet 1 intertitles in the audience, as well as passing them sportsmen: (Emelka) in the World Championships in figure skating. This time again the [T] itelverteidiger Karl Schäfer, Vienna image rrang [vo]: the crowd cheered the appearance of Karl Schäfer in an ice rink.

2. subtitles: (Emelka) conflicts in Africa - how we us the > dark continent < usually always present: image: African people dance half-naked for the camera. European Hunter lead a group of young Africans with a hippopotamus Hunt 3 subtitles: (Emelka) Africa has still another face: image: collage of scenes from everyday life in a highly industrialised African metropolis 4 Intertitle: Corpus Christi on the island in the Chiemsee - image: participants of Corpus Christi turn translate with boats to the island.

5. subheads:- and in Munich.
Image: Pull through Munich's inner city church and military.

6 subtitles: (Deulig) Moroccan Sheik Sultan Mulai Yusef received on his arrival in Rabat.
Image is missing!

7 subtitles: (Deulig) the Sultan of Morocco the congratulations of the population takes at its capital city of Fez.
Image: Parade of cars and horses by FEZ 8.Zwischentitel: (Deulig) at the French headquarters.
Picture: Exterior of building with French flag 9 subtitles: (Deulig) Blaujacken when you visit famous Chinese temples!
Image: A group of sailors is on Chinese temples passed 10 subtitles: (Deulig) riding Mountain marine.
Image: marine soldiers riding on donkeys 11 subtitles: (Deulig) the leaning tower - from China!
: Imaging a leaning tower, similar to that of Pisa 12 intertitles in: (Deulig) the Leningrad delegated Bulygina.
Image is missing!

Intertitle is missing!
Image: Asian man speaks in front of a poster on the only "Republiques [...] Is to identify Soviets". Young lady in similar shooting before Italian poster. Closeup of a laughing Asians. Martial arts battle of between two men in the courtyard of a building.

13 subtitles: (Deulig) Chinese gladiators!
Image: Performance of sword dances, fights with sticks and more martial arts 14 subtitles: (Deulig) the beautiful Damascus after the French bombardment!
Image: cleanup between bombed-out buildings. Images of relaxed-looking soldiers.

15 subtitles: (Deulig) from the land of unlimited possibilities: 16 subtitles: (Deulig) Teddy Roosevelt was the most popular President of the United States in the last 25 years.
Image: Roosevelt - close up name at a speech.

17 subtitles: (Deulig) Teddy on the rhino hunt!
Image: Roosevelt rides slowly through a Creek. Roosevelt converses with another man with a hunting rifle.

18 subtitles: (Deulig) the new American Ambassador for Germany: 19 subtitles: (Deulig) Dr. I.G.. Schurman with his family on the trip to Europe.
Image: Schurman, his wife and daughter laugh at the camera 20 subheads: (Deulig) valuable flotsam!

21 subtitles: (Deulig) a herd of "Fool whales" follows her head of dull in ruin.
Image: A whole herd of dead beached whales at the end

Persons in the Film

Roosevelt, Theodor ; Stresemann, Gustav


Frauenchiemsee ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Emelka-Deulig-Wochenschau-Sujets (seit 1925)

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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