Der Jungdeutsche Orden 01.01.1925

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The film propagated general national sport to the upgrading of the nation (after the 1st WK) and shows pictures of Ausmärschen and marches, as well as sporting events of the young German order.

Subtitles: "the rescue work from our collapse means: education, duty, devotion to the people whole, so that our gender brings forth again upright, courageous, defiant men and no subject people." Every German boy must operate public sports and hiking.
National sport means work on the people.
If national sport is not the common property of the whole German people, then the German nation perish.
The aim of physical education has become also the Youth Department of the young German order placed.
Through March practice and national sport is the young German youth man breeding educated and the love of nature in her wake."

Figure: Panning to the March recorded the Jungdo, entered in line.
Group of older and younger Jungdo people in uniform at a marching out through a village, pennant winners advance. The goal of a castle with Jungdo flag. March the mountain beyond, invasion of the Castle.
Courtyard. In the morning, flows out to the morning washing in the courtyard and the morning exercise.
Morning prayer with a flag. Appearance, counting, stood still, callisthenics, sports games, forest walking, Vorturner shows ground exercises, medicine ball, relay race, weight throwing, tree throwing, wheel gymnastics, gymnastics on the horse, in the river.
Cooking in the forest, eating in the Hall.

Subtitles: "meeting of the young German order on the 14-15 - November 1925 in Dortmund."

Subtitles: "took before the Grand Master" image: street with uniformed marching columns of the Jungdo, the Grand Master of the road decreases took.
Marching under police protection. Invasion of a church with flags.

Subtitles: "shuns dance floors and bars"-film breaks down.

End of coat of arms


Dortmund ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Der Jungdeutsche Orden

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.01.1925 - 01.12.1926


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