Emelka-Trianon-Deulig-Ufa-Woche 1924

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Subtitles: Disarmament - and coastal protection. Fire tests with a 31 cm coast mortar.
Image: Men in the fire tests.
Subtitles: Germany's largest ship. The "Cap Arcona" of the Hamburg South American Dampfschifffs society makes its first test drive.
Image: The Cap Arcona on test drive. Exterior of the ship. Interior of the dining room, waiters serve guests.
Subtitles: in heavy North-Western storm on the high seas.
Image: The Cap Arcona in heavy waves on the seas.
Intertitles: a bust of gymnastics was set up the pioneer of German Turnerei in the Valhalla at Regensburg.
Image: Look at Valhalla at Regensburg. Inside the ceremony with the unveiling of the bust of Jahn.
Subtitles: "peace be her bells only"! The sculptor Walter E. Lemcke designs a new Bell for the Berliner Dom.
Image: The artists at work on the Bell.
Subtitles: never torture an animal... The German animal protection Association has established an exemplary rescue service for accident animals.
Image: The animal protection Association at work.
Intertitles: A giant of the technology. The largest so far built locomotive completed in Schenectady; It is 42 meters long and weighs 550 tons.
Photo: construction workers on and in front of the locomotive. Moving the Loco.
Subtitles: The black death. Mine accident in Recklinghausen and Herne, in France and America.
Image: miners on pit area in the winter. Salvaging botched buddy.
Subtitles: Man overboard! Interesting parachute jumps by pilots of the English air fleet.
Image: Soldiers assemble guns and incorporate it in propeller-driven aircraft. Departure.
Image: Men fold parachutes, donning a parachute. Bounce from the wing of an aircraft. Several parachutists in the air.
Subtitles: Mussolini speaks before 100000 blackshirts in Rome.
Image: Mussolini rides through the crowd, salutes to the crowd. Onslaught of the soldiers.
Subtitles: Roman youth turns against Mussolini.
Image: Athletes at the entrance to the stadium. Greeting in the direction of Mussolini. Turn formation, exercises on the horizontal bar and the horse.


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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