Opel und andere Wochenschauaufnahmen ( 1926 - 1927) 1926

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Subtitles: for the first time managed to hold a film rapporteur Abd el Krim and his children in exile on the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean in the picture.
Image: Ship, passengers waving white cloths from Board out.
Image: Abd el Krim during the walk, in conversation with film rapporteur.
Image: 6 small children in the picture. Probably the children of Abd el Krim.
Subtitles: The remembrance monument on the European China campaign of 1900/1901 image: monument on a square, road, rickshaws, tram, people.
Subtitles: Are you afraid of heights?
Image: Paris - Effelturm, construction workers introduces daring feats in the airy heights, will be filmed by cinematographer, also located in airy heights.
Image: Men rope down to the Eiffel Tower.
Subtitles: Großkampftag on the Avus - set the fastest time of the day Werner Huth (B.M.W..) 141,2 km. Hrs image: Moto Bike riders at the start, motorcycles on the track, dog runs on track and is run over, viewers on the edge of cheer passing, awards ceremony.
Subtitles: Mussolini, Italy 'uncrowned king' visited the Italian battle fleet image: battleship, sailors during the manoeuvre, Mussolini on board, interview with Captain, views of other ships of the fleet.
Subtitles: An autumn Salon under the open sky! The artists of Montparnasse opened her painting exhibition.
Image: Artists on the road surrounded by spectators and aufegstellten to selling images.
Subtitles: 250 km per hour! New speed record at a car race in Sacramento U.S. image: Auto's on track, audience of the grandstand from watching.
Subtitles: The wave pool as a film Studio! Lya de Putti in her latest role "Ruth something crazy".
Image: Filming in a pool.
Subtitles: monarch visit to Sicily! Receive King Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo.
Image: Arrival of the King at the train station (?). Departure in the car. Cheering people on the side of the road.
Image: King goes through the crowd and climb a car.
Subtitles: The fallen of world war! Memorial Ceremony on the day of the Armistice in London.
Image: Commemorating soldiers with flower garlands. Priest speaks to the crowd.
Image: wreath at the monument.

Image: Headline clipping from a newspaper "House courtyard garden", illustrated weekly of the Berliner Tagblatt Berlin, 26 November 1927: "Delicious Christmas preparations". On a goose farm in the Oderbruch.
Image: Entrance to the geese, unload the geese.
Image: Geese at the eat and drink.
Image: Women pluck geese.
Image: Packaging the goose body.
Image: Child smiles into the camera with live goose in the arm.

Zwt.: A master of humour! To the Gastpsiel of the world famous clowns Grock in La Scala in Berlin.
Image: Clown Grock.

Persons in the Film

Viktor Emanuel ; Grock ; Abd-el-Krim ; Mussolini, Benito Albino


Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Opel und andere Wochenschauaufnahmen ( 1926 - 1927)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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