Stresemann - Tonfilm-Interview 1925 01.01.1925

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Image: Gustav Stresemann outdoor standing in front of the camera.

Speech in the interview: "I pronounce my best wishes of cinematographic and photographic exhibition, which opens today, to its history and for the success of the event.
This exhibition is a proof of the inner strength of both industries in times of German economic development. Thank you this inner strength above all choosing their leaders and employees who's got to bring the development of both industries on a height here in relation to the mental representation and Durchgeistigung of the film and also in relation to the technical Opportunities and to find an answer on the level of performance.
A living example of this development and progress in this field is that I am now able to speak, in the picture to them. May both industries progress in this development. "May the possibility of not only of the home, but to give German spirit and creativity an image in the world with their products and to ensure that German spirit and recognition of German technology penetrate the world."

Persons in the Film

Stresemann, Gustav


Weimarer Republik; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Stresemann - Tonfilm-Interview 1925

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.01.1925 - 01.12.1925


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