Land unterm Kreuz

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1. Oberschlesisches industry. Smoking chimneys. Map of Upper Silesia. Upper Silesian industrial companies. Steel and mines. Work underground. In an iron foundry. Work of the miners on the spot. Primitive working methods. Miners in the divine service.
2. ploughing Bauer. Women during the hay harvest. Saeed and allowances.
3. beautiful old buildings in the cities.
4. in the forest. Foxes. A water mill.
5. old farmer chopping wood. A woman knocking stones. Women at the well. At the spinning wheel. Seek the Upper Silesia and folk dances. Bet ride. Wedding in Schönwald. The train to the Church. The Kränzeljungfer car. The wedding feast. The hazelnut ring for the bride and the Apple wreath for the groom. Pilgrimage to the Holy image of grace of Annaberg. A preacher. Short rest on the pilgrimage. The Holy Mother of Mary carried crying to the grave. The resurrected is jubilantly carried to the altar. Procession move to the Annaberg.
6 people to go to work.
7. in the meeting room of Versailles during the peace negotiations. The document of the peace dictate.
8 protest demonstration in Berlin against the connection of Upper Silesia to Poland. One speaker speaks on the Castle Square.
9.Volksabstimmung in Upper Silesia 1921 Germans arrive at railway stations. Crowds outside the voting stations. The events in Upper Silesia in the press. Poland beat Germans in Upper Silesia (game). Destroyed houses, a beating up women. A fire is extinguished. Burned-out houses. Broken bridges, a derailed train. Upper Silesian refugees Trek. Homes burned to the ground. Result of the vote (trick). Anti-Polish demonstration in Upper Silesia. Jubilation among the oberschles. Population after the announcement of the voting results. Of Poland pillaged homes, a murdered German. Polish cavalry in the streets of oberschles. City. Destroyed church interior, ruined castles and houses. German Freikorps March on. Oberschles. Self protection is on. On the March. Oberschles. Self protection guarding railway lines. Freikorps against Poland. A wounded will be returned. Tank attack (provided). In a hospital. Fight in the Woods. A military cemetery, ruined buildings. Area dividers of Upper Silesia (trick). German is by a Polish. Soldiers arrested (provided). German families are displaced by Poland. On an Optant operator. Refugee Trek. You will be housed in empty factory halls. The Turnpike on the German Polish border. Passport control by German border guards. A Polish border passport control.
10 shots of Kaftowitz the peace hut, the Königshütte, Upper Silesia industrial works. Farmer ploughing. Women at the spinning wheel. The new frontier (trick). The marriage time. German associations hospital Ruda. Polish. Guards on the Streifengan. Laid-off workers. Disused industrial plants. Soup kitchen. Misery barracks, prisons as homes, crowded apartments. Children malnourished and skofulöse are investigated. Burning coal yard, where people are looking for coal.


Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Land unterm Kreuz

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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